Gravel Road

Online Assessment Training - 2019

In order to assist Conservation District looking to update their unpaved road assessment for the DGLVR Program, the Center has recorded and posted an assessment training in several chapters at the links below.  While it is difficult to mimic the field portion of an assessment training in a recorded presentation, the training below can serve as an on-demand assessment primer or refresher for when CDs decide to begin working on their assessments.  The Center will continue to hold informal assessment field trainings on request.

  • Chapter 1 (23.5 MB): Assessment Background: Reviews assessment purpose and history, as well as potential allocation impacts and an overview of the assessment process. (~18 min)
  • Chapter 2 (16.6 MB): Assessment Preparation: Reviews the logistics involved in preparing to conduct an assessment such as equipment and time needed. (~16 min)
  • Chapter 3: Virtual Assessments: Take a virtual “drive” to assess some roads.  Includes updating potential sites in GIS system.  It is recommended to view the roads in the order listed below.
  • Chapter 4 (4.94 MB): Wrap-up and Final Thoughts: A review of the assessments completed as part of this training and some final guidance. (~5 min)

If you have additional questions after watching the training series above and reviewing the Q&A, please send them to Steve Bloser at  Answers to additional questions will be (anonymously) posted on this webpage and for the benefit of others.