Conservation District Regional Sharing Sessions

The purpose of these sessions is for Districts to share their DGLVR projects and experiences with other districts and Center/SCC staff for discussion.  We hope to generate some good discussion about what everyone is seeing and doing in the field. These have been great learning sessions in past years, and provide us with new projects and pictures to update Program trainings.


Center/SCC presentation will be limited. The idea is for Conservation Districts to do most of the presenting.

  • Each session will run from 9am until ~3 pm and will include lunch.
  • Use of project pictures, PowerPoint, or handouts are encouraged (see resources below).
  • You are welcome to attend any session or multiple sessions (since each one will be a different audience) as long as there is room.
  • Projects can be completed or in-progress, or simply in the grant application or potential phase.
  • Districts can present multiple projects.
  • If you have questions, or would like to run your project/presentation by SCC or Center staff, please contact us.
  • If you have project-specific questions, please bring them as there will be time to interact with Center/SCC staff after the sharing session.


A laptop and projector will be provided, simply bring a flash drive with a presentation or pictures.  In order to assist you in developing a presentation on your project(s) the following resources are available:

Dates and Locations

  • Look for More Dates in Winter 2020


These sessions are free to Conservation Districts and DEP staff, although registration is required to make sure we have adequate space and lunches. If you have any questions please call Kathy Moir at 814-865-5355 for registration assistance.

Registration Not Available