Gravel Road


Poster information for this year's symposium. Click on any of the thumbnails for a full-sized version. The information in the numbers below correspond to the slide order.

  • 2017 Symposium Posters (221 MB): Poster information, contacts, and high resolution photos of the posters shown below.

  1. Dirt, Gravel, and Low-Volume Road Maintenance Program: Steve Bloser (
  2. Program’s 2016 Annual Summary Report: Steve Bloser (
  3. Wirt Road Improvement – Michaux State Forest: Dave Shearer (
  4. Real-Time Dust Monitoring of Road Surface Aggregate: Eric Chase (
  5. Quantifying Sediment Production from unpaved Roads Using a Field-Scale Rainfall Simulator: Steve Bloser (
  6. Rural Road Ecology and Maintenance – ERM/FOR 497: Eric Chase (
  7. Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge Dust Control Project: Matt Mefford (
  8. Private Dirt Roads: Challenges and Opportunities: Anna Marie Nachman (
  9. Stable Roads, Clean Streams: A Centre County Success Story: Mike Philippe (
  10. Aquatic Organism Passage: The Next Step in Brook Trout Conservation and Restoration: Phil Thomas (
  11. Education & Outreach Efforts – Armstrong Conservation District: Gregg Smith (
  12. Impact of Spreading Oil & Gas Wastewater as Road Treatments on Groundwater Quality: Travis Tasker (
  13. Use Preventive Herbicide Applications to Mitigate Japanese Stiltgrass (Microstegium vimineum) Impacts on Dirt and Gravel Road Maintenance: Art Gover (
  14. Marcellus Shale Gas Sediment Control Project: Jamie Shallenberger (
  15. Accelerated Bridge Construction – Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Integrated Bridge Systems: Randy Albert (