Stream Crossing Training

These regional 1-day trainings will focus not only on bankfull determination, but on common issues seen with stream crossing replacements such as: grade control, flow control, stream slope, establishing streambed, dealing with sediment wedges and scour pools, etc.

Should I go to the 1-day stream crossing training?

  • For any CD dealing with stream crossings in DGLVR Program
  • Focus on DGLVR policy and education for dealing with applicants and installing structures in Program
    • bankfull determination
    • proper structure installation
    • common mistakes in structure installation
  • Field trip will focus on bankfull measurement, and learning from good and bad installations.
  • Each session will run from 9am until ~3pm and will include a continental breakfast and lunch.
  • The training will be approximately 2 hours in the classroom, with the rest of the day spent in the field on some nearby stream crossings.
  • Please dress for weather, you must have hip-waders. We will supply all printed materials, and survey equipment.
  • 20 person capacity per training.

Dates and Locations

No trainings scheduled at this time.



These sessions are free to Conservation Districts and DEP staff, although registration is required to make sure we have adequate space and lunches. If you have any questions please call Kathy Moir at 814-865-5355 for registration assistance.

No Trainings Scheduled