The Center periodically presents topic-specific webinars directed at Conservation District personnel. Webinars begin promptly at the scheduled time and typically include 20-30 minutes of presentation followed by Q&A. Webinars are free, and anyone can join without creating an account. Past webinar recordings and presentations are provided below for District educational use.

Webinar Platform

Penn State uses Zoom for webinars and remote meetings.

  • Joining the Webinar: Each webinar now has a common link, unless otherwise supplied with the webinar. Simply click on the link to join. You are NOT required to pre-register or create an account, although you will be asked for your name and e-mail when you log in.
  • Webinar Audio:  The integrated webinar system audio will be used so attendees can listen through their computer. In addition, we will also provide a common Zoom phone line, unless otherwise supplied with the webinar, open for audio in case you have computer issues, or are joining from an office environment where listening over the phone is preferred.

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Upcoming Webinars

All webinars begin at 9 am unless noted below.

  • May 25: Stream Crossing Policy Overview and Discussion.
  • May 26: Stream Crossing Standard Overview and Discussion.
  • May 27: Stream Crossing Technical Manual Overview and Discussion.

Note: The three webinars above will serve as overview/primers on the three documents.  We will highlight major components and take questions.  These will be recorded, and CDs will be encouraged to view/review them before attending stream crossing trainings.

Past Webinars

Located here are all of the past webinars. You can download the respective presentations, where applicable.

2022 Webinars

  • May 20: May SCC Action Items for DGLVR
  • April 7: Prevailing Wage II
  • March 24: Annual Summary Report Overview
  • March 17: Start of "DSA Season"
  • March 4: GIS Contract Verifier / Quarterly Report Update
  • March 10: DGLVR Policy Changes, Overview and Discussion
  • February 24: Stream Crossing Comment Summary
  • February 3: Full Depth Reclamation (Remote Training)
  • January 27: Prevailing Wage
  • January 20: Stream Documents Q&A #2
  • January 13: Stream Crossing Documents Q&A