Gravel Road

Low Volume Roads

This advisory workgroup was created in 2014 to discuss and make recommendations on issues related to the "low volume (paved) road" component of the Pennsylvania Dirt, Gravel, and Low Volume Road Maintenance Program.

Group Members

  • Karl Brown (SCC)

  • Randy Albert (PennDOT)

  • Carl Goshorn (Cumberland CD)

  • Shane Kleiner (DEP)

  • Eric Nevel (Center)

  • Robb Piper (Cambria CD)

  • Barry Scheetz (Center)

  • Gregg Smith (Armstrong CD)

  • Sandy Thompson (McKean CD)

  • Ed Troxell (PSAB)

  • Ed Vinton (Wayne CD)

  • Tom Welker (PennDOT BMS)

  • James Wheeler (PSATS)

  • Deb Wilson (Jefferson CD)