Gravel Road

Product & Process

The Product and Process workgroup meets on an as-needed basis to address issues relating to practices and products used on sites within the Dirt and Gravel Road Program. Some of the group's recent issues include changes to the Driving Surface Aggregate Specification and an overhaul of the product approval process that allow products such as dust suppressants to be used within the Program.

Group Members

  • Eric Chase (Center)

  • Richard Costlow (Private)

  • Cheryl Detloff (Midwest Industry)

  • Fred Fiscus (DEP)

  • Leslie John (Syntech)

  • Eric Naguski (Dauphin CD)

  • Robb Piper (Cambria CD)

  • Roy Richardson (SCC)

  • Tom Shervinskie (PFBC)

  • Mansour Solaimanian (PSU LTI)

  • Bob Vitale (Midwest Industry)

  • Tom Welker (PennDOT)