Gravel Road


Legal contract between the conservation district and the grant recipient.

Attachments to the contract include:

  • Attachment A (683 KB): Grant application and work plan - One page Grant Application with Project Sketch on back. Optional cost sheets provided to detail costs for more complex projects.
  • Attachment B (24.5 KB): General Contract Provisions - General legal provisions pertaining to the contract.
  • Attachment C (35.2 KB): Statement of Policy (incorporated into contract by reference) - State Conservation Commission Statement of Policy, incorporated into contract by reference. Included in this manual as Appendix B.
  • Attachment D: QAB Standards - Copy of local Quality Assurance Board Standards. This information is county-specific and is not included in this manual. (Visit a specific Conservation District page for QAB policies.)
  • Attachment E (75.7 KB): Schedule of Payments - One page form outlining structure of payments from Conservation District to Grant Recipient.
  • Attachment F (145 KB): Prevailing Wage Notification Letter - Letter to verify Grant Recipient has been notified of Prevailing Wage requirements.
  • Attachment G (20.3 KB): Prevailing Wage Certification of Compliance - Form from PA Department of Labor and Industry to be completed by contractor if applicable verifying Prevailing Wage was paid. Not this is a standard Labor and Industry form, and is already required of contractors who are subject to prevailing wage.

Contract Instructions

The following instructions pertain to the Dirt, Gravel and Low Volume Maintenance Program Contract.  These instructions are to act as a guide only.  Note that all fields are required unless indicated otherwise.

It is strongly recommended project participant and Conservation District representatives hold an on-site meeting to complete this contract.

Header Information:

  • Contract # – The contract number as assigned by the DGLVR GIS Mapper.
  • __________ County – The County the road project in question is within.
  • And _____________ – The recipient of the Dirt, Gravel, and Low Volume Road Maintenance grant (Project Participant)

Date and Participant Section:

  • _____ day of _________, _____, – The numerical day (i.e., 22nd), the month (i.e., May), and year (i.e., 2014) the contract is awarded.
  • __________ County – The County the road project in question is within.
  • And _____________ – The Project Participant.


  • __________ will – The Project Participant.
  • Specified portions of __________ – The name and identification number of the road in question.  List both if available.


  • $ __________ – The total amount to be funded for this project.


  • district to _________ – The Project Participant.


  • _________ days – The number of days' notice the Conservation District requires prior to the start of construction.


  • no later than  _________ – The expected completion date of the project.

Finalizing the Contract:

  • For the District
    • Signed - The signature of the Conservation District representative.
    • Date – The date the Conservation District representative signed the Contract.
  • For – The Project Participant.
    • Signed – The signature of the Project Participant representative.
    • Date – The date the Project Participant representative signed the Contract.