Gravel Road


Single page form that outlines the procedure in which funding will be distributed to a successful grant applicant. This becomes “Attachment F” to the contract between the conservation district and the grant recipient.

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Dirt, Gravel, and Low Volume Road Maintenance Program
Schedule of Payments to Program Participants

The conservation district agrees to disburse funds under this project agreement in the following manner:

(1) All required permits must be obtained by the Program Participant before funds can be advanced from the Conservation District. Upon the full execution of this project agreement, the district agrees to provide an advanced payment to the project participant of $___________ to be applied towards payment of eligible expenses incurred in the performance of the project (maximum of 50% of contract). The project participant agrees that these advanced funds will be utilized solely for eligible expenses as contained in the attached project application and work plan. The project participant shall supply the district with receipts, weigh slips, and/or other appropriate supporting information to document proper expenditure of advanced payments by the project participants prior to receiving additional payments under this agreement.

(2) The district shall process subsequent payments to the project participant on an actual cash expended basis.

(3) The district shall withhold $___________ of the approved project expenses until the satisfactory completion of the project (minimum of 30% of the contract). Final payment for the project expenses shall be made only after a final inspection by the district determines that the work has been performed consistent with the project application and the work plan, and to the satisfaction of the district.

(4) All claims submitted by the program participant pursuant to this agreement shall be submitted to the district in accordance with this schedule and the terms and conditions contained in the approved project agreement. The claims shall be itemized and show that the utilization of funds are in accordance with the project cost summary contained in the approved project application and work plan. Claims shall include receipts, weigh slips, and/or other appropriate supporting information to document actual expenditures by the project.