Gravel Road

Conservation District Allocations

The State Conservation Commission allocates funding to Conservation Districts based on formulas that have been created by advisory workgroups. For FYs 2014-15 and 2017-18, the SCC has allocated Dirt and Gravel funds ($20 million) separately from Paved Low Volume Road funds ($8 million). The documents below contain Conservation District allocations, along with explanations about the respective formulas use to determine the allocations.

The Dirt and Gravel Road allocations ($20M) are based primarily on the miles of unpaved road and verified worksite within each county. The allocation formula remains unchanged from previous years.

The Paved Low Volume Road allocations ($8M) are based primarily on the amount of potential paved low volume roads with each county. Weighting factors were then applied to give more weight to paved roads that are within 500 feet of a stream, and paved roads that are outside of urban areas. This methodology was used since an assessment of paved low volume roads (as was done with unpaved roads) is not feasible considering the volume of roads and lack of traffic count data.

Detailed formula details and allocation explanations are provided below.