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The Center for Dirt and Gravel Road Studies is an independently-funded non-profit entity under the Larson Transportation Institute at Penn State University. Created in 2000, the Center specializes in education, outreach, research, and project oversight related to the Environmentally Sensitive Maintenance of unpaved roads and trails. These "ESM" practices stress long-term solutions to create more environmentally and economically sustainable unpaved roads.

The Center is partially supported by Pennsylvania's Dirt and Gravel Road Maintenance Program. The Center provides education, outreach, and technical assistance to local entities involved in Pennsylvania's Program. For more information and resources about the Program, use the "PA Program" link on the lower left of this page.

The Center also maintains contracts to provide similar education, outreach, research, and project oversight services with various other public and private entities nationwide. For more information on the Center's current and past contracts, explore the "research" and "partners/links" links to the left. To discuss potential future collaborations, contact information can be found under the "center info" link to the left.

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